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If you're in the process of planning an event, chances are you've come across Pinterest (maybe stumbled upon it and suddenly found yourself scrolling until 3am). The wonderful website provides millions of options for DIY Crafts, décor, games & endless event ideas. From teeny tiny mason jar escort displays to multi-story dessert tables, Pinterest makes you feel like ANYTHING is possible. But what those articles fail to share with you is the price, logistics, location or overall functionality of those amazing ideas. Some of them have huge design impacts and are totally worth the money... some, not so much. Deciding what you want + what isn't necessary is totally up to you and varies from couple to couple. Well we got you! Below we provide a few really Pinterst-y examples of upgrades couple's often make along with examples in each category for Good, Expensive & Dysfunctional ideas.


Dessert Bars

The Good: Custom Dessert Displays

This is THE BEST spot to get creative with food. Tons of dessert options fall within a good price point & adding height, depth, texture etc. is totally easy on dessert tables. This is the spot to add a donut wall or something fun.

The Expensive: Elaborate Tiered Cakes

This is not news to many people. Wedding cake, no matter the size, is expensive. The bigger the cake, the higher the price tag. Looking for a cost saving spot in your wedding? Steer clear of tiered cakes and opt for a fun dessert bar, donuts or event Ice Cream!

The Dysfunctional: Minimalist Displays/ Color Themes...

Any time you see those dessert bars with the perfectly arranged lemon bars, set up with 8 pieces per platter... yeah those are #fake and #dysfunctional. Stack the platters high for less turnover & a smoother event flow all around. Color themes can add to the overall look of the table, but be careful when sticking too strictly to a theme, it can impact the overall flow & guest experience.


Escort Displays

Bar Decor


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